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The Iris Motel is run and operated by UrbanNashville Vacation Rentals. We’re a small and local business that offers a contact-free experience. We let our guests have their space but if needed, we will be around to help.

The experience of our motel involves similar steps as any regular motel, however, ours is 100% contact-free. When booking with us, instead of providing your credit card and ID to a front desk agent, you will pay before your arrival, sign an electronic rental agreement, and send in your ID.

The check-in process simply consists of walking up to your room, entering in a unique 6-digit code, and heading on in… no card key, no contact; an introvert’s bliss.

The Iris Motel is a great fit for:

  • Independent budget travelers looking to stay close to downtown without downtown rates 
  • Travelers passing through; the iris motel is just off the interstate 
  • Musicians recording in Berry Hill
  • Anyone looking to explore a classic but less touristy neighborhood of Music City. 


*Our team is readily available 9 am to 5 pm and by phone for any emergency 24/7.*

Curious to learn more? Check out our FAQ page or send us a message.